Single swingers holidays, single naturist tours and 18+ cruise vacations

Singles have a lot of choice at You can book a single naturist travel, swingers holidays for singles or a naughty cruise. It can be rather difficult to book a single holiday. It often happens in the travel industry that singles are not treated the same as couples. Often, they have to pay extra, or they have to accept a booking under less favorable conditions compared to couples. Fortunately, this does not apply to Erotravel. Single men and single women are very welcome and don’t have to hesitate to contact us.

It can be a little tough for a single to make the decision to go on vacation all alone. Once a single has made that decision, it often happens that during the orientation process, a single feels a bit insecure. You can run into questions such as: is this the right destination for me, will the other guests accept me as a single man or single woman, will I be the only single in that resort, etc. We do understand this and as a single you can always contact us by email, chat or telephone with your questions. We will be able to address the most important concerns or advise the best single naturist trip for you.

Furthermore, we do not only offer single naturist holidays, also single swingers holidays are very popular. Nowadays, there are more and more couples who enjoy dating single men and single women too. Singles are increasingly appreciated and respected in this lifestyle. A single man who goes on a swingers holiday alone has a very good chance of taking part in the action.

This page lists all trips for singles. Special attention applies to the Bliss cruises. These can’t be booked independently by a single, BUT a limited number of singles can join a couple as part of a party of three. A single can book together with a friend and share a room together. This way some singles can be part of the great Bliss cruises too.


The Vera Playa Nudist Resort in the South East of Spain is a real paradise for naturism and nudist lovers. Not only will you find a long and stretched nudist beach with plenty of space for naturists and nudists, but there is also a very large area with many buildings, shops and streets where you can just walk around naked 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.

Venus Star Resort has quickly become an enormous popular swingers holiday destination. It has many advantages over other swinger hotels and swinger resorts in Europe. With 52 rooms Venus Star is a large resort unique in Europe. In addition, the resort is located on the Canary Islands which means that even in the winter the weather can be very friendly being often warm enough for you to lie in the sun without clothes. This resort is therefore open all year round and that is quite unique in Europe. The ideal location if you like swinging in the winter as well as in the summer.

Within the lifestyle scene, the Hedonism II Resort Jamaica is one of the most famous hotels in the world. The resort is also one of the longest existing swinger-friendly hotels, because in 1976 it was already possible to book a room in this party hotel. Of all the resorts / hotels in the Caribbean, this is the place where you can expect the most action. Both couples and singles are welcome to join the party.

The Hidden Beach Resort is a Gourmet Inclusive Experience and offers you everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. An elegant appearance, extensive facilities and a varied activity and entertainment program. It all starts with a glass of champagne as welcome. The resort is ideally suited for nudists and naturists.

The Intima Resort Tulum is a nudist resort and an oasis of relaxation in the Mexican jungle. Relax without clothes in the exotic gardens or enjoy a drink in the water at the pool bar. In case you wish to leave the resort's private paradise, the Riviera Maya hides the most fascinating places to visit such as the Maya Temple and the archaeological sites in Tulum.

The Temptation Cancun Resort also known as Temptation Resort is a fantastic party hotel for couples (including swingers) and singles. This hotel had a complete makeover in 2017 and since reopening in August 2017 it became even more fun than before. Officially it is not a swingers hotel, but the vast majority of the guests are very open-minded and there is a sensual and erotic atmosphere. You will definitely find swinging couples dating other couples and singles. The friendly and open atmosphere makes it easy to make contact with others and this also applies to singles. Partly because of this aspect there are many guests who keep coming back to this resort to fully immerse themselves in the party scene together with other resort guests.

The Natural Curacao Resort is a clothing-optional resort and an oasis of peace in the middle of nature. Respect for nature is the starting point of the concept of this nudist resort and it shows. This resort therefore offers naturists and nudists an unforgettable holiday. The Natural Curaçao resort has a central location on the island and offers endless possibilities for your holiday. You can choose from various types of accommodation from a luxury villa to a fantastic glamping tent. Note: both the words Curaçao and Curacao are used on our site. This is not a sloppy omission, but we do this so people can find our website better that way.

Peace, freedom and a lush tropical environment are the keywords for this clothing-optional resort on Bali. What could be better for a true naturist than enjoying the sound of the sea and the jungle under the Balinese sun. Bali au Naturel is the perfect place for a retreat. You can spend your days quietly by the pool with a view on the sea, or you can use this great naturist resort as a base for day trips, excursions and adventures. Bali has countless places that are worth exploring which you can enjoy intensely.

Cap d'Agde is a popular holiday destination for both swingers and naturists / nudists. The so-called Village Naturiste annually attracts many tens of thousands of tourists, who enjoy naturism, nudism or swinging. Because of the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in this naturist village a majority of the guests keep coming back to this paradise every year. It is always chock-full, especially in the period between mid-July and mid-August. People planning to go on holiday during this period are advised to book well in advance as there is a good chance that the resort will be fully booked very fast.