Swingers Cruise

A swingers cruise is in some countries still a relatively unknown holiday phenomenon within the lifestyle holidays. These cruises are starting to gain popularity in Europe, but can’t yet be compared to the USA, where this type of cruise travel has become very popular in the last decade. E.g. a Caribbean swingers cruise will always be fully booked very soon. Fortunately, swingers cruises are now increasingly organized within Europe. So no matter what part of the world you live in, there will be a cruise relatively close to your area. If you want to go on a swinger cruise, there are three big organizers: Bliss, Desire and Temptation.

Bliss Cruise is the largest of these three. They have a professional organization and a lot of experience with this event, especially with big cruise ships. For example, a cruise with the Oasis in 2021, where an amazing 5400 people will board. Bliss Cruise has a good reputation as a provider of these types of cruises. A Bliss cruise is organized twice a year, usually in the Caribbean Sea. Every year the number of European swingers on board increases a little. Bliss can only be booked by couples, but a very limited number of couples can bring a single. Singles can therefore not book this journey by themselves. Only a very limited number of singles can come along and share a room with a befriended couple. This only applies to cabins that are suitable for more than two people. The number of singles present is really very small. And among the thousands of people, the very few singles on board will not be noticed at all, and they can’t access the playroom as a single, so actually this cruise can be considered as a couples-only cruise.

Desire Cruise organizes a cruise twice a year, often in Europe. Their ships are a bit smaller than those of Bliss, but their organization is top-notch. Desire cruises are 100% couples only.

Temptation cruise is not officially a swinger cruise. In practice, however, there are plenty of swingers on board. In fact, this is a swingers cruise in disguise, but officially it can’t be called that way. Singles are also welcome to join this big party and can book themselves at our website.


The Desire Rio de Janeiro New Year's Eve Cruise is a clothing optional, couples only holiday at sea amidst modern luxury. Celebrate the New Year with your new friends aboard this amazing cruise and make a perfect start into 2023 together in this erotic environment during this wonderful swingers cruise.

The Desire Greek Islands Cruise for swingers enables you to discover the fascinating Greek islands in a completely unique way. Enjoy the beautiful coastlines and discover the rich history of these fascinating islands, while in the evening you experience unforgettable moments in an extremely sensual atmosphere on board the luxury cruise ship. The ideal adults-only, couples-only clothing-optional vacation. The cruise will sail between September 17 and 24, 2022.

Enjoy an unforgettable clothing-optional swingers Bliss Cruise vacation aboard the luxury Celebrity Reflection. Sail along in the Caribbean and enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches and the welcoming Caribbean atmosphere of Aruba and Curaçao. You will travel in a luxury cabin and will enjoy the great entertainment and the many activities aboard as well as making new friends. This cruise sails also under the naughty flag of Bliss Cruise.

Enjoy an unforgettable clothing-optional Bliss Cruise vacation aboard the newly renovated Jewel of the Seas. An extensive range of attractions, delicious restaurants, cozy bars, every night another theme night and the stops on the coast of Mexico guarantee a cruise that will make you want more. On top of this the naughty touch of Bliss Cruise will take your cruise experience to the next level.