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Cap d’Agde

Cap d’Agde is a popular holiday destination for both swingers and naturists / nudists.
The so-called Village Naturiste annually attracts many tens of thousands of tourists, who enjoy naturism, nudism or swinging. Because of the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in this naturist village a majority of the guests keep coming back to this paradise every year.

It is always chock-full, especially in the period between mid-July and mid-August. People planning to go on holiday during this period are advised to book well in advance as there is a good chance that the resort will be fully booked very fast.

Cap d’Agde Vacation in Southern France



Cap d’Agde General Information

The resort of Cap d’Agde is located at the Mediterranean Sea in the south of France. Many tourists who visit Cap d’Agde come for the large naturist area. It is not only naturists and nudists who come to this place. It is estimated that more than 50% of all visitors who come to the naturist resort are swingers.

In the summer many tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world travel to the naturist village that is completely cut off from the outside world. The Cap d’Agde Resort can rightly be called a village on its own because of its extraordinary width and comprehensive amenities.

For example, there are several supermarkets, bakers, butchers, hairdressers, fitness centers, numerous restaurants and bars, various swingers clubs, ATMs, a doctor, a pharmacy, a bicycle rental company, etc. After you have passed the barriers, there is actually almost no need to leave this site for one moment during your holiday.


Naturist holidays Cap d’Agde

Cap d’Agde became a meeting place for naturists in the 1970s and has grown into an extraordinary attractive destination for people who love nudism, naturism. The naturist area has its own two-kilometer-long sandy beach, where naked is allowed everywhere. Although it is not mandatory, naked on the beach is the rule rather than the exception. If you rather don’t lie naked on the beach, keep in mind that you’ll be one of the few to wear swimwear.

Most of the beautiful nudist beach is very crowded with families, couples and singles. The sandy beach is so long and wide that there is enough space for everyone to enjoy the sun and the warm sand. It is a great place to stay for nudists and naturists.

Next to enjoying the beach you can walk and play naked almost everywhere. This also applies to the dunes, the swimming pools, on the street, at the marina, on the terraces, in the shops etc. Although you can walk naked 24/7 almost anywhere within the resort, in the evening most people are dressed even if it’s literally not much what they are wearing.

Cap d’Agde is indisputably a top destination for naturists and nudists, as long as one does not get annoyed by the swingers who are also present in large numbers. However, both groups seem to be guided by freedom, open-mindedness and tolerance, because the atmosphere in this naturist village is extremely relaxed and pleasant. A majority of the visitors keep coming back to this paradise every year.


Swingers Holiday Cap d’Agde

Over the years Cap d’Agde has become a paradise for swingers, who generally visit their own adult entertainment events and places. Swingers also have their own beach here, the so-called swingers beach. Many things happen on this beach that shouldn’t actually take place outdoors such as public sexual acts on a large scale. This particular part of the beach (the swingers beach) is therefore completely unsuitable for families.

In addition, many activities are organized for swingers. There is a pool party twice a week during the day and a naked foam party in the afternoon seven days a week. Both the pool party and the foam party are well-attended parties, where many exciting things take place. Meet & greets and evening parties are also regularly organized. There are also various (nightlife) establishments such as swingers bars, erotic saunas and swingers clubs.

Most swingers will not often leave this resort during their vacation. All facilities are available on site and there are many contact options with like-minded people within the resort. But there are also swingers clubs outside the site.

There is a lot to do for swingers and this is why they spend their holidays in Cap d’Agde in large numbers.


Best travel time of the season

When is Cap d’Agde open? Basically, Cap d’Agde is open all year round, but outside the mid / high season and especially in the winter months Cap d’Agde is not the same ad during summertime. Almost everything will be closed and there are won’t be much tourists around.

Usually, the season runs from April to October. The months of April and May are relatively quiet.

Starting from the end of August it becomes more quieter again. Also read the section “best period” in the right column.


Cap d’Agde is suitable for

Cap d’Agde is especially suitable for swingers, naturists and nudists. You will find many couples here, but also many families, single men and some single women. Cap d’Agde is also an excellent holiday destination for people who like exhibitionism or voyeurism.


Best period to visit Cap d’Agde

The best time to visit Cap d’Agde depends on the person. If you are someone who likes peace and quietness we advise against the high season. But if you are looking for as many like-minded people as possible to party with, then the last week from July to mid-August is the best time to be there.

The highest temperatures can usually be expected in July.


Does it make sense for singles to go to Cap d’Agde?

This also depends on the person, but usually the answer is yes.

You certainly won’t be the only single, but you do not have access to couples only events. The majority of the singles are having a great time. Some of the single men are very successful in the swingers life, because there are many couples looking for a single man or single woman.

The vast majority of accommodations can also be booked by singles, but read the text for the accommodation carefully and when you are in the process of reservation, always mention it in the comments field, so that no unpleasant misunderstandings can arise.


Does Cap d’Agde have any disadvantages?

Yes, Cap d’Agde also has disadvantages.
– the accommodations are generally not cheap, especially in high season;
– the naturist village is really crowded only for a very limited period;
– customer service and service in general are not always the strongest point of the employees in Cap d’Agde;
– the weather is not always great. Even in the high season there will be some days with rain. On a holiday of 14 days, you can expect three or four days with less sunshine. If the weather gets really bad the outdoor parties are canceled.



Accommodations in Cap d’Agde

The naturist resort of Cap d’Agde is large with tens of thousands of sleeping places in the naturist village that are all occupied in high season. The range of accommodations is also very diverse: studios, apartments, hotels, boats in the marina (botels) and chalets (also known as villas). Space is usually limited and often not very luxurious, but it certainly can be used as a holiday accommodation.



Hotel Natureva Spa

The Natureva Spa Hotel had been built in 2008 en is a relatively new hotel in Cap d’Agde. The hotel has an affordable price / quality ratio and is one of the more luxurious locations within the naturist village. If you book a room at the backside of the hotel you have a beautiful view of a large piece of untouched nature. Rooms at the frontside of the hotel overlook the large free car park of the naturist site and the many people who pass by every day. The Natureva Spa Hotel is a quiet hotel, where you can relax.


Hotel Oz’Inn

Hotel Oz Inn is a luxury hotel that opened its doors in 2010. It is located about 300 meters from the beach, a walk of only four minutes. On top of the roof is a large roof terrace with a beautiful view on the naturist village. On the roof there is also a very large jacuzzi and a number of beds on which you can enjoy yourself with others or simply enjoy the sun. Exciting parties are also regularly organized on the roof terrace. In Oz’Inn a lot is allowed, but nothing is mandatory.



Cap d’Agde Naturiste Hélio-village 19

Cap d’Agde Naturiste Hélio-village 19 is located in the Naturist Resort of Cap d’Agde and is approx. 250 meters away from the nudist beach. This villa has 1 bedroom, a bathroom and an equipped kitchen with microwave, fridge and washing machine. The villa has air conditioning, a spacious terrace and a free private parking space.

The nearest airport is Beziers Cap d’Agde at about 14 km.



Magnifique Appartement Cap Naturiste

A nice apartment in the middle of the naturist village is the Magnifique Apartment Cap Naturiste. The apartment is located above the shopping center of Port Ambonne which includes: a large supermarket, a sauna, an open-air swimming pool, a butcher, two bakeries, a wine specialist, various terraces and several clothing boutiques. The apartment features a living area, one sleeping area, a small kitchen, a bathroom and a terrace. The kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher, microwave and washing machine.



Red Port Nature

The Red Port Nature apartment is located in the Port Nature complex at the side of the short part of the building on the side of the fairway between the sea and the harbor. From the balcony you have a view on Port Nature Village and you can see the sea in the distance. The walking distance to the nudist outdoor swimming pool Waiki is about one minute and the same goes for a large number of nice restaurants. The popular Melrose Bar and Eros nightclub are around the corner from the apartment complex. Your apartment has a bedroom with air conditioning, a kitchen and a bathroom.



Plus another 150 holiday accommodations WITHIN the naturist village

As mentioned, the naturist village is very large. At the right you see a photo of a small part of the Heliopolis building and on the right side of the photo you can see a piece of the Port Nature building.

In addition, the naturist village has a number of other buildings with accommodations for rent.
For a complete overview of available accommodations for the 2021 season, click on the button below.
All accommodations shown are located WITHIN the nudist resort.

Cap d'Agde Heliopolis Port Nature


Plus another 300 holiday accommodations OUTSIDE the naturist village

In high season it often happens that swingers or nudists can’t book a vacation at the naturist village, because everything is fully booked. In those cases, we recommend looking for accommodations outside the naturist area. After buying a day pass or a week pass you are allowed to enter the naturist area and you can still enjoy a swingers holiday or nudist holiday in Cap d’Agde.

The distances to the naturist village are never far and range from a hundred meters to a maximum of 6 kilometers. By car or taxi this is in worst case 5 to 10 minutes. There is also a bus stopping right in front of the entrance of the naturist area. At the entrance it is also possible to rent bicycles for a day or for a number of weeks.

The locations outside the naturist area are also very suitable for novice swingers / naturists, who do not dare to spend a whole holiday among naked people.

Cap d'Agde Palmyra Golf Hotel International