About Erotravel

What is Erotravel?

Erotravel is a company which is specialized in swinger holidays and naturist travel. We have had experience with this kind of vacations since 2003. You can find our full contact details on the contact page

Is Erotravel a travel agency?

We are not a travel agency  in the traditional way. You do not pay any extra costs for our “mediation” like you would pay to a normal travel agency.  We don’t have all kinds of costs that have to be paid for, such as shops in expensive shopping centers, expensive network systems, travel folders etc etc.

Erotravel offers the best trips and the most exciting holidays on our website, which are all related to nudism, naturism and swinging. Most visitors can then book these holidays entirely by themselves without our help. In almost all cases you do not book at our site, but directly at the websites of the providers of these trips. We are just your guide and help in the field of naturist holidays and swingers trips.

What is the added value of Erotravel?

We offer you a guide with the most complete collection of swingers and naturist trips. This offer grows monthly. In addition, we always deliver new articles about the destinations and share this information via blogs.
What makes us unique is that we also offer free information and help by telephone, email and app. We do not charge any costs for this!

For which matters can you call, email and app us?

Often you won’t need us at all. Through the site you can search what kind of holiday you want. However, we can imagine that in some cases you would like to speak to someone. If you have booked through our website, you can contact us for questions, information, special wishes and problems. This also applies if you want to make a booking. We are happy to help you where possible. In addition, we can also help you if you get stuck in the booking process or if you do not want to pay by credit card. In short, our services are extensive and free of charge.

Why do we help for free?

Firstly, swingers and naturist holidays are a very big hobby / passion of ours. Secondly, we want to get more brand awareness so that we can organize these kinds of holiday trips ourselves at a later stage. Thirdly, we generate income through clicks.

What about privacy?

Because you do not book at our website, but directly at the website of the various vacation provider, we do not store your data. Any digital communication we have with you via email or whatsapp is not stored online on our site. Should our site ever be hacked, then no customer data will be stolen from us, because no customer data is stored at our servers.
Even if you subscribe to our newsletter (which is always a good plan for offers, new trips, extra information and promo codes) your data will not be stored on our site. If you subscribe to our newsletter, your email address will not be shared with third parties. For any data that we store offline, we comply with European privacy legislation.

Our phone number:

Telephone 0031 73 8885962
Customer service hours
Mon – Fri 10 am – 10 pm (GMT +1)
Sat – Sun 10 am – 2 pm (GMT +1)

You can find our full contact details on the contact page.
If you have any questions regarding this page, you are also welcome to contact us.