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Erotravel is the perfect website to find and book a swinger resort holiday, swinger cruise or nude vacation. Be surprised by our tours and the perfect locations, where you can make your dreams come true together with like-minded people. More and more trips will be added to this website in the coming months and years. You can book the holiday yourself, or we assist you, if you wish, by phone, email or chat.


  • Finally, a good swinger travel website with a lot of information about swingers holiday trips and a support team which is honest and takes time to help you.

    Carin and Robert
  • I didn’t expect that they would take me seriously as a single man, but they really do. Especially for a single person like me, who wants to go on a swingers holiday by himself, it is so nice that you can talk to them in advance. I had a lot of questions and received good information and help.

    single Peter
  • Great that you can call and text them. Even on weekends! And they know what they are talking about.

    Rick and Sabine
  • We did not know what the best trip was for us. Erotravel has helped us a lot with this. We are already looking forward to our next vacation and the next contact with you.


Erotravel for a swinger cruise, a vacation in a swingers resort or a nudist holiday

Welcome to On our website you can choose from numerous swingers holidays and nudist vacation. At the top left you can use the search function to indicate exactly what type of holidays you are interested in. For example, you can choose a vacation for couples, couples only, vacation for singles, swingers cruise, nudist holidays, etc. You can also select a destination country such as France or Mexico.


Swinger resort

A swingers holiday in a swinger resort is the ideal holiday for couples looking for erotic thrills. These types of trips have been around for decades, and we are seeing an increase in popularity in the last years. Holidays to these types of resorts sell out faster every year.
Popular destinations include Desire Resort, Desire Pearl Resort, Venus Star Resort and Cap d’Agde. A special form of a swinger holiday is a swinger cruise, where a large cruise ship is hired. The most popular swingers cruise is the Bliss Cruise followed by the Desire Cruise.


Nudist resort

Nudist trips are also still in high demand. What could be better than walking around without clothes and being able to recreate naked during your entire vacation in a nudist resort or naturist resort. It creates a friendly atmosphere, where everyone is equal. So lost of people go on a nudist holiday or nude holiday every year. This type of vacations is also referred to as a naturist vacation. But there is a big difference between a naturist and a nudist. Naturism goes beyond nudism. It is a way of life with respect for each other and respect for all nature. Popular naturist destinations include: Vera Playa in Spain and Cap d’Agde in France.


Swingers Cruise

A swinger cruise is a relatively new way to enjoy a swingers holiday, which has become very popular in a short time. Previously, most swingers cruises were in the Caribbean, but in the coming years more and more cruises will take place in and around the Mediterranean too. The concept and ingredients for a succesful cruise adventure remain the same. Major organizers charter a large cruise ship for a number of days (usually a week) and these cruises are booked by swingers, erotic lovers and very open-minded people, who all make it one big party, which you will never forget. Some cruise ships can accommodate more than 3000 couples. So it is not hard to imagine what it must be like to be one of the lucky persons on board.


Single Travel

For singles who like to benefit of the party scene which can be found in swinger resorts we have good news. We also offer a wide variety of erotic holidays to singles. This does not apply to all trips. Some destinations and cruises are truly couples only and in those cases single men or single ladies are not allowed. But there are also plenty of swinger resorts and swingers cruises where singles are allowed to join the party. If you are interested to find out which holidays are also for singles, you can click the link single travel in the menu. If you have any doubts, feeling insecure, or you want to have more information about a certain vacation, please feel free to contact us.


How may we help you? can be helpful to you in several ways.

First of all, you can use our site as a guide and information source to find out which nudist and swinger trips exist. At the top left you will see different ways to search, and  we have placed the most popular searches in the menu.

Secondly, you can book your holiday yourself. If you follow our simple steps, you can book all destinations directly online yourself, without our intervention. This way you no longer need a third party, and you are in  control.

Thirdly, if you get stuck somewhere, have questions or prefer we do the booking for you, we are available for you. Seven days a week. Our telephone number and opening hours can be found on every page at the bottom left. See also our contact page and the About Us page in the menu at the top. You can send us a message or app too with you questions as well. We are here to help you! Your swingers or nude holiday starts at