• Vera Playa

Vera Playa

The Vera Playa Nudist Resort in the South East of Spain is a real paradise for naturism and nudist lovers.

Not only will you find a long and stretched nudist beach with plenty of space for naturists and nudists, but there is also a very large area with many buildings, shops and streets where you can just walk around naked 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.

Vera Playa Resort and Beach



Naturist resort Vera Playa for naturists and nudists

Vera Playa is located in the South East of Spain and is a true paradise for naturists. The nudist resort is located directly on the Costa Almeria in the province of Almeria, in the region of Andalusia.

Some consider this resort as one of the world’s best naturist resorts located right at the beach.
Vera Playa owes its name to the village of Vera with the center about 10 kilometers inland.

The naturist part covers numerous streets and buildings and is so large that you could easily call it a village. Vera Playa’s characteristics can be compared to some extent to the naturist village of Cap d’Agde in the South of France. In fact Cap d’Agde is said to have been a source of inspiration when the construction of Vera Playa started.

Vera Playa is mainly populated by naturists in contrast to the naturist village in the South of France, where swingers predominate. And yet you can also meet some swingers in Vera Playa, but in a more discreet way. Read more about this under the heading Club Templum, a prominently present club.

In the built-up area of Vera Playa you can walk around naked in many places and before you have seen all the corners of the resort you have been on the road for quite some time. There is a strip in the built-up naturist zone, also known as the strip. Here you will find among other things a small supermarket, bars, discos, restaurants (including a pizzeria) and a kind of club that you would not immediately expect here. You can read more about this further on this page.


Open and naked

The uniqueness of this resort is its lack of physical separation from the ordinary world. It is not a fenced-in area with fences or walls. There are also no barriers to stop people and you do not have to report to a reception to buy an access card or day pass.
In some cases you will not even see a marking sign indicating you have arrived in a naturist zone.
Lost tourists can therefore come suddenly face to face with major surprises if they enter this area unexpectedly. It should be noted however that this does not apply to all roads. In some places you will see a marking sign indicatig the naturist zone.

The reverse is also true and it is not always marked that you leave the “zona naturista”. You will not be immediately handcuffed if you are naked outside this zone and the people and the police in the immediate vicinity are of course used to these kind of mistakes.

But in case you haven’t seen fellow naturists for a while it is a good idea to check whether you are still in the naturist area.

Note: Under Spanish law it is theoretically allowed to walk naked. However a number of municipalities have prohibited this with own regulations.


The nudist beach of Vera Playa

In addition to the urbanized area there is also the nice, large nudist beach for naturists. Officially this beach is one kilometer long, but unofficially this beach area covers 2 to 2.5 kilometers. So you can sunbathe undisturbed and walk around naked in many places on the beach. Taking into account that you already can walk naked from your accommodation towards the beach you will understand that it is a very pleasant place to stay for naturists. The particularly relaxed and casual atmosphere of this little paradise is valued a lot among the visitors.


Naked 365 days a year

Vera Playa is one of the warmest regions of mainland Europe. In theory it is possible to be able to walk naked 365 days a year in this place. In reality this will not always be possible in the winter because, it can get too cold for naturism. But usually there will be days during wintertime when the weather allows you to be naked for some hours a day.
It is also worth mentioning that in most places naturism is allowed, but not required. You can expect mandatory nudity at the swimming pool of a naturist hotel.


Vera Playa is suitable for

For naturists, nudists, couples, families and singles who love naturism. Vera Playa has a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Because of its location in one of the best places on the European mainland in terms of climate. You can expect a lot of sun throughout the year.


Is Vera Playa suitable for swingers?

As described above Vera Playa is primarily intended for naturists and nudists who are looking for a casual naturist holiday. Don’t expect situations like you might find in swinger resorts.

Public sex on the beach or in other places is absolutely not tolerated. There are many families and many real naturists in the nudist resort of Vera Playa. They come to this place exclusively to enjoy naturism together.

At first glance it seems that Vera Playa is totally unsuitable for swingers. However the truth is a bit more nuanced.


Swingers Club Templum

Only a hundred meters right in front of the largest hotel in Vera Playa and about a minute’s walk from its entrance you will find the swingers club Templum.

A clear signal that there have to be some swingers in Vera Playa. The club does not target the locals because Almeria is an hour’s drive away. Also Almeria already has its own swingers club (Libidos). So there are also quite a lot of swingers among the naturist holidaymakers. But they behave neatly and unobtrusively during the day so no one is bothered by them or their activities.

The Templum Swingers Club is accessible for couples and for singles via a separate entrance. It is useful to know that the club is not open every day. The opening times of the club depend on the season and can be checked on the website of swingers club Templum.



Hotel and other accommodations

There are various accommodation options within the naturist area of Vera Playa. Below we have selected five toppers for you. You can book a hotel room of holiday rental directly online.



Vera Playa Club Hotel

Vera Playa Club Hotel is the only official naturist hotel on the Spanish mainland. The Vera Playa Club Hotel has existed for many decades. The hotel has 280 rooms spread over 3 floors.



Apartamentos Natura World

The Natura World apartments are located in an area where naturists and nudists can walk around naked.

The property has four outdoor swimming pools for adults, where you can enjoy the sun and the water. If you prefer to lie on the beach you can easily reach it from your apartment.

Apartamentos Natura World has three different types of accommodations.



Vera Natura Urbanización Naturista

Vera Natura Urbanización Naturista has been a very popular holiday accommodation for many international tourists for many years. The apartments are simply furnished but well-equipped, including a TV and a kitchen with coffee machine, microwave and toaster.

Vera Natura Urbanización Naturista has three different types of accommodations.



Apartment Naturista

Apartment Naturista is a nice accommodation for a stay in Vera Playa.
You will find a wellness center, a restaurant and an outdoor pool. You can park on site.

Vera Natura Urbanización Naturista has two different types of accommodations.



Duplex Naturista urb. Vera Natura

Duplex Naturista urb. Vera Natura has a lovely indoor swimming pool. This pool is open all year round and you can use it for free.
The kitchen has a coffee maker, kettle, washing machine and microwave.

From the terrace with sun loungers you have a nice view on the sea.



More holiday accommodations in Vera Playa

Vera Playa is a large nudist resort. You could easily call this a small village on itself. The listings above are the top 5 accommodations that are very popular among the Vera Playa guests. However there are more holiday rental accommodations that you can view through the link below.